60 Days… To what?

Personal goals are tricky. Achieving a short term goal is almost always doable. There seems to be some sort of internal filter we all have that allows us to frame our goals in a way that they are actually attainable. That certainly doesn’t mean they are easy, but we all know ourselves well enough to keep them based in reality. The tricky part comes after they’re done.

  • What do we do with our newfound glory?
  • How to we build upon what we’ve achieved?
  • How do we maintain whatever new reality we’ve made for ourselves?
  • How do we incorporate whatever actions we’ve taken to meet these goals into our daily lives?
  • How do we develop a new normal for ourselves?

I don’t have any of these answers yet, but I plan to 60 days from now.

40 Years… 

Turning 40 didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but I’m now realizing that it’s taken me most of the 1st half of my 40th year to come to grips with it. I don’t feel “old” and I certainly don’t think “old” … At least I don’t think I do.

I have noticed that time passes much more quickly than it did before. Hell, I have a teenager in the house now. When did that happen? Talks of high schools and colleges are creeping their way into family conversations the way what everyone wanted for Christmas or their birthday did before. My beard is gray, my gut is huge and it takes a lot longer for me to pick myself up off of the floor if I accidentally find myself there (falling down a few steps isn’t as funny as everyone else seemed to think it was). I’m no longer in the group of “young people” at work. No longer have any time to be considered one of the 40-Under-40 for any articles or lists. And I now find it much easier to take solace in nostalgia than to seek out new things. All of this seems out of character for the person I thought I was. The person I believe I still am, and is certainly a horrible way to evaluate life as the man I want to be. 

The greatest advantage of piling up years is that I now find myself with actual experience from which to develop opinions and make plans. I know, for instance, that physical health and wellbeing can and does have a dramatic effect on mental health, outlook and attitude. So, step one in shaking things up is to get my physical self in order. I honestly don’t care what number is on the scale if I feel good and am able to do the things I want to. BUT the number on the scale currently is 272, I feel like garbage most of the time and I find myself out of breath if I forget something upstairs and have to go back up my steps to get it. I could set a number of pounds that I want to lose and pull out all the tricks and gimmicks that I know will get me there. But I know that none of what will help me hit that arbitrary number will be sustainable… ha ha there’s that experience kicking in. So, instead of shunning carbs, gluten, sugar or fat… without an Atkins, Keto, Carnivore or Paleo diet… My plan is to eat smaller portions of what everyone already knows is good for you, more often. Also, move more. It’s really that simple. At least I think it is… I’ll let you know in 60 days or so.

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