Meaningful Changes

All of these things have one thing in common:
A suitcase, packed to the gills.
That big bag of dog food that’s a struggle to get in the house.
Six gallons of water… six.
They all weigh 50 pounds.
They all represent the amount of weight I’ve now lost.

Halfway There

I’m now down 50 pounds after about 4 months (17 weeks), averaging just over 3 pounds a week. There have been no crash diets, no fads or gimmicks. I have had carbs, gluten and still don’t really know what “keto” means. There have been only two things that have remained consistent over the last few months. I’ve eaten less and moved more. That’s it.

Keeping track of everything that I eat has been essential in maintaining a healthy perspective on food. By recording everything, not only do I find myself feeling more accountable, but by seeing food as data, I’ve been able to detach from it in a way I never have before. I find it easier to make better decisions when I know I’m going to write everything down. It also helps me to keep my goals top-of-mind by having an interaction several times a day with one of the most important elements in achieving them.

To keep myself moving I set up the elliptical that had been gathering dust in my basement and joined a gym. Nothing fancy, a Planet Fitness near where I work. Between the gym and the elliptical I “work out” 6 days a week. Nothing crazy. About an hour before work that splits time between weight machines and cardio or a 45 minute cycle on the elliptical in my basement.

Not that these were easy pounds to lose, but I know the next 50 will be much more difficult. I will have to learn a lot more about the kind of food that I’m eating now that volume isn’t the main factor for success. I’ll have to vary my workouts and learn more about how to maximize the time I have in the gym as well as how to best use all of the available equipment.

Meaningful Change

The changes that I’ve noticed in myself are all positive. There is literally no downside to eating better and exercising. That seems an odd thing to say, but the apprehension and/or anxiety about getting started was all too real.

Mentally I feel more alert, focused and don’t get fatigued nearly as quickly as I used to. Physically I feel  a lot better. I have more energy and am starting to look forward to activity instead of gathering reasons to not move.

But the most meaningful thing that has happened in the last 4 months has been that I’m now able to wear my wedding ring again. It’s been about two and a half years since it has fit, and has been a constant reminder that things weren’t as I thought they should be. Being able to put it back on was a terrific feeling.



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  1. Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment! Your wedding band looks great and I know it feels great to be able to wear it again! ♥️

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